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Why Hire A Travel Adventure Planner?

Why Sparkle Adventures to plan your next adventure?

There are a few people who love planning trips and adventures as much or maybe even more than going – that’s us! And then there are the rest of the people who just want to show up – that’s you.  Do you want to spend the 10-30 hours it takes to plan your perfect adventure or do you want to relax and have the fun?  We do the planning; you have the fun!  Tell us your ideas and then just show up for your perfect adventure. 

Sparkle Adventures specializes in custom adventure travel planning in the US.

With our custom adventure planning, you tell us your ideas and we create your itinerary including lodging, activities, maps and directions and site seeing along the way.  Once you are excited about your adventure, we make your reservations and book all your activities.  And we provide support while you are on your adventure. 

We do the research to find that perfect destination or to find all the fun things to do.   We play the phone tag for your reservations and figure out the best deals for your activities. 

There are some destinations and activities that require reservations months in advance or that can only be booked on a certain day of the year or are on a lottery system.  We set the reminder to get you signed up for that once in a lifetime adventure that only opens up once a year on the second Tuesday of the week at 1am.

Thinking about a group adventure, we love planning group trips!

How many trips would you take if all you had to do was give someone your ideas and show up?  Leave it to us- We do the planning; you have the fun! 

Sparkle Adventures offers custom adventure travel planning services for your next adventure. We do the planning; you have the fun!

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