24 Feb: Guide to RVs

An RV can be your home away from home for your journey.

  • · Once you move in for your trip that’s it, you’re done. Pull into your RV space at night, unlock the door and you are home.

  • · You can store and cook your food in your RV. Ready for lunch, pull into a rest stop or point of interest and have lunch at home.

  • · On the road late, pull into a rest stop, Walmart or truck stop and go to bed.

  • · You are instantly part of a friendly campground community.

  • · You become part of the places you are visiting.


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16 Jan: 3 week tent camping road trip with 2 kids, 3 dogs and an old lady

I love road trips. I love driving and seeing the world along the way to my next destination. I have seen some amazing scenery and parts of the country you won’t see if you fly to your destination. You can go to more places on a road trip. It can be cheaper to get there especially if you have more than one person going on the trip. I usually do! If you don’t have a lot of funds for travel, road trips can be very budget friendly.

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29 Apr: Tips for Planning Your Group Adventure

How many times have you been out with a group of friends and the conversation turns to the idea of a group trip or adventure?

A group adventure sounds fun! You love your friends, why not travel together?

But let’s face it, planning a group trip is like herding cats. It is hard and time consuming. Besides herding the cats, you must research and plan your itinerary, make reservations, plan and book activities. Learn tips for planning your next group adventure.

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25 Mar: Healthy and Memorable Meals On The Road

Whether you want to save money, or you want to eat healthier and avoid fast food with a little planning, good food on the road is possible.

Of course, splurging a little or eating the dessert or greasy diner burger is a wonderful part of vacation – but it is even better when you have planned it and anticipation makes everything more exciting. Let’s talk about planning your meals so you are not making last minute decisions that cost extra money or leave you eating unhealthy food in desperation.

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04 Mar: Make Memories on the Road

Dreaming about a US road trip for your next adventure? What better way to see the country than driving – it is the journey not the destination when you take a road trip.

But there are many more things to consider when you are staying in a different place every night. How long do you want to drive each day? Will you allow time for spontaneous stops? Do you know what points of interest are a must see along the way? Are you going to eat out? Picnic at places along the way? Learn more about planning a road trip.

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24 Feb: Walk Back In Time in Mexico Missouri

Hey ya’ll!  Have you even heard of Mexico Missouri?  It is a cute little town located almost dead center between Kansas City and St Louis on the northern side of Missouri.  Mexico Missouri is a short 2 hour drive from either city and this little town is full of Big Adventures

Whether you are looking for a quick weekend trip or a longer adventure, this area has so much to do and see.  Hiking, Biking, horseback riding and ATV trails, lots of historical sites, and golf and shopping are part of the adventure if you decide to visit Mexico Missouri