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RV Driving, Towing, Parking & Backing Lessons

LEARN the skills TO SAFELY Drive, tow, park and back up your RV.

In only 4 hours, we can give you the knowledge and skills to safely drive, tow, park and back up your RV.

Teresa Willis is a former truck driver and loves to teach safe RV driving, towing, parking and backing.

We highly recommend reviewing your state’s Commercial Driver’s License book for useful information about operating a larger vehicle or towing a trailer.  Not everything wil be revelant but there is good information especially about how to handle emergencies.

While there are some special things you want to know when driving forward and towing, parking and backing is the most difficult part of learning to drive your RV.

We teach the Turn to the Trouble method, Teresa learned from her instructor at trucking school.

The Turn to the Trouble method reduces the steps needed to determine which way to turn the steering wheel to just one.  You only need to know where the trouble is and that is the way you turn the steering wheel.

After 10 years of truck driving, Teresa can give you the skills you need to confidently drive, tow and back up your RV.

RV Driving and Backing Lessons
rv driving and backing lessons