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RV Basics Training & Workshops

Learn everything you need to know to safely operate, maintain, and troubleshoot your RV.

RV Basics Training

We will spend up to 4 hours covering life safety items and basic operation, maintenance and troubleshooting for your RV including:

  • roof/exteriors
  • running gear/ wheel assembly
  • hitch/stabilizing system
  • electrical, water and propane systems
  • appliances

If you bought from a dealer, you may have had a walk through for your new RV highlighting the major things you need to know to driveaway with your RV.  Our new owner training covers much more and will give you the confidence that you are doing the right things to keep your family safe and your RV on the road.

While we are teaching you about your new RV, we can also do a few tests to make sure your RV is safe and we will show you the things you need to inspect when you winterize and dewinterize.

And finally our training will give you the knowledge to troubleshoot some simple problems you may encounter when operating your RV.

Customized RV Workshops for your Group

We love teaching and we love to travel.  We can schedule a workshop for your group anywhere in the US.  We can cover a variety of topics including RV Basics, RV Holding Tank Care, Boondocking, Road Trip Planning or we can customize a workshop.

We would love to schedule private appointments for your group members for our RV services while we are in your area.

Contact us today so we can get you on our schedule.

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