Sparkle FAQs

04 Feb: Why Hire A Travel Adventure Planner?

There are a few people who love planning trips and adventures as much or maybe even more than going – that’s us! And then there are the rest of the people who just want to show up – that’s you. Do you want to spend the 10-30 hours it takes to plan your perfect adventure or do you want to relax and have the fun? We do the planning; you have the fun! Tell us your ideas and then just show up for your perfect adventure.

01 Feb: What type of travel do you plan?

Sparkle Adventures can plan your perfect outdoor adventure. Whether you are thinking about a lazy float down the river, a back packing trip, exploring our state or national parks, a road trip out west, an escape from winter in the south or just a weekend glamping or camping trip, we can plan your perfect adventure. We do the planning; you have the fun!

25 Jan: Is there a maximum number for your group adventure planning services?

Sparkle Adventures specializes in group adventure travel. We plan customized adventures – no group is too large! Our group planning services include herding the cats – we take care of everything! We can poll your group to set the itinerary and dates and budget. We will set up an event page and keep everyone in your group up to date. We will collect fees and remind them of deadlines and what to bring on the trip and when to be there. We do the planning you have the fun!

24 Jan: Do You Plans Activities?

As part of your trip itinerary, we plan your activities and make your reservations and buy advance tickets. We can plan your meals and restaurants along the way and at your destination. We can also plan fun activities for those down times or for those hours in the car when the kids are bored. How about a customized scavenger hunt for your trip? We do the planning for your perfect adventure; you have the fun!

21 Jan: Do You Provide Support During My Trip?

We all know the unexpected can happen when traveling.  Our planning services include support during your trip.  We did all the planning for your perfect adventure and we want to make sure it is perfect.    From lost reservations to on the road emergencies and last-minute changes, we can help make sure everything goes smooth.    We hope your perfect adventure is perfect, but if it hits a rough spot, we can help! 

02 Jan: When do I pay for my travel?

Sparkle Adventures offers customized adventure travel planning. Our fees are separate from the fees you will pay for your trip. Our fees are due in advance of planning your trip. We accept payment through Paypal so you are protected if we don’t deliver – but WE WILL deliver your perfect adventure. Some of your trip fees will be paid up front like activity tickets and some lodging reservations, others will be due when you arrive, it depends on your adventure. We do the planning; you have the fun!

29 Oct: What If I Just Need a Few Ideas?

What if I just need a few ideas for my trip? Sparkle Adventures offers various levels of trip planning services from basic adventure planning to elite adventure planning. If you just need a few ideas, we spend a lot of time planning and dreaming about adventures; we are happy to offer a few suggestions – no charge, send us a message. Our basic adventure planning package includes a custom adventure travel guide with links to book your reservations. If you want us to take care of everything – our elite adventure planning is the package for you – and it includes trip support. We can also plan your group’s perfect adventure. Group adventure planning includes an event page for your group to keep everyone up to date. And we can do the cat herding – we will collect the money and send out reminders about deadlines and what to bring. We do the planning; you have the fun!