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Tips for Planning Your Group Adventure

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How many times have you been out with a group of friends and the conversation turns to the idea of a group trip or adventure? 

A group adventure sounds fun!  You love your friends, why not travel together? 

But let’s face it, planning a group trip is like herding cats.  It is hard and time consuming.  Besides herding the cats, you must research and plan your itinerary, make reservations, plan and book activities. 

If you are planning a group adventure, you need a leader or two! 

Lots of people talk about group trips with friends and family, but it takes a planner and group leader to make that talk reality. 

If you are the group leader, delegate! 

Being the leader doesn’t mean you should do all the work.  The adventure you are planning is for everyone in the group.  Assign tasks so everyone is contributing.  Your job as leader is to set deadlines, assign tasks and track details. 

Use technology to make group decisions!

Technology can help you with the cat herding.  Doodle is a great tool for polling group members.  Make decisions about dates, destinations, activities, and your budget with this great tool.   

Set a date and agree on a budget for your group adventure!  

Set a date and agree on a budget as soon as possible so you can get started planning your itinerary, making reservations and collecting money.  The date and the budget are the two most important details to decide.  Everything else is dependent on these two decisions. 

Use technology to collect money and pay for your trip! 

We travel is a great tool to collect money and pay for your trip. 

Create your itinerary!

Now that you have decided when, where, what and how much, create an itinerary.  Make reservations for your lodging.  Purchase tickets or make reservations for activities.  Are there group discounts available? 

Build excitement with reminders and packing lists and tidbits about your adventure!

Send out regular reminders with packing lists or photos and videos of your destination to build excitement. 

Plan your meals and chores for your trip!

Are you planning to eat meals together?  Eating out or cooking?  Do you need to make reservations at restaurants?  Who will do the cooking and cleaning up?  Where will you buy groceries?  Check out our blog on meal planning for road trips.  Look for our blog about planning meals with a group in October. 

Plan so everyone can share photos of your trip! 

Create a place online to share photos with your group. 

Enjoy your adventure, take photos and make memories! 

Now that the planning is done, enjoy. 

Sparkle Adventures offers custom travel adventure planning services for your next adventure.  We do the planning; you have the fun!  Check out  our adventure planning services and pricing at  and get your next adventure started today. 

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