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Pre-Purchase RV Inspections

Getting a pre-purchase RV inspection is a wise decision.  A pre-purchase RV inspection will ensure you are buying an RV ready for the road instead of ready for the shop.

Sparkle RV Services offers a premier pre-purchase inspection. Our premier pre-purchase inspection includes 500 points of inspection and a written online report with 100-150 photos and video of moving components, the interior, engine, and undercarriage.  We will also include how to videos if we find components that are difficult to operate.

In addition, the software we use allows you to create a repair list to get repairs made or to negotiate a reduced sale price.  Your online report will include an instruction video for creating the repair list from your report.

We will work with your seller to make sure the RV is set up for a thorough and complete inspection.  Check out the requirements for a complete inspection.  The most important items we need is appropriate power, a water connection and either a sewer connection or empty tanks.  We need fuel to run the motorhome’s engine, the generator and propane for propane appliances.  We need space to get on the roof and to extend slides and awnings.

Dealers usually have everything we need to perform the inspection.  A private seller may need to relocate the RV to a nearby RV park, we can make arrangements for the RV park.  If the RV is equipped with a generator or the seller as the appropriate 30 amp or 50 amp outlet at their home or storage facility, we can perform the inspection there.

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Sparkle RV Services is certified by the National RV Inspectors Association (NRVIA) which ensures that you are getting a professional and thorough inspection.  In addition to the intial training we received from the National RV Training Academy, NRVIA certfication requires 24 hours of continuing education each year.  We follow the standards of practice and code of ethics set by the NRVIA.

Sparkle RV Services offers a full range of RV services including new owner training and RV driving, parking and backing instruction.  We offer a discount for these services to our inspection customers.