About Sparkle Adventures

Sparkle Adventures

Sparkle Adventures is a unique adventure travel planning firm that specializes in trip planning in the United States. Planning US adventures is our passion!

Launched in 2019, our goal is to plan epic adventures for our clients.

We are travel planners not travel agents.  We are not selling travel packages.  We plan customized trips, vacations and adventures exactly how you want it.  Whether you need our full service or just a few ideas, every detail is all about what you are dreaming for your trip.

We are like that one friend you hopefully have that is always organizing the parties, keeping in touch and getting everyone together for fun adventures.  We love the planning!  If you don’t have that one friend or you want to surprise that friend this time so they can relax and just show up, we can help.

Learn more about our travel services and start your next adventure today.

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