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29 Apr: Tips for Planning Your Group Adventure

How many times have you been out with a group of friends and the conversation turns to the idea of a group trip or adventure?

A group adventure sounds fun! You love your friends, why not travel together?

But let’s face it, planning a group trip is like herding cats. It is hard and time consuming. Besides herding the cats, you must research and plan your itinerary, make reservations, plan and book activities. Learn tips for planning your next group adventure.

25 Jan: Is there a maximum number for your group adventure planning services?

Sparkle Adventures specializes in group adventure travel. We plan customized adventures – no group is too large! Our group planning services include herding the cats – we take care of everything! We can poll your group to set the itinerary and dates and budget. We will set up an event page and keep everyone in your group up to date. We will collect fees and remind them of deadlines and what to bring on the trip and when to be there. We do the planning you have the fun!