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US Adventure Travel & Event Planners

Some people love to do the planning for their adventures and some people want to just show up.  If you are the kind that loves planning, follow us for trip planning tips and resources and trip inspiration.  We love helping people turn their ideas into adventures.  


If you are the kind that wants to just show up- let us do the planning for you!  Our custom US travel planning services turn your ideas into itineraries – We do the planning; you have the fun!  You tell us your ideas and we create your perfect adventure.  You create the memories.  
Sparkle Adventures is a US adventure travel and event planning company. We love planning adventures!  We do the planning; you have the fun. 


Teresa Willis, our Chief Adventure Planner, and founder, has been planning her family’s adventures and events for 30 plus years.  Now she plans your adventures too.  She also plans adventures and events for Girl Camper and Wanderful.  


Teresa is also an RV expert and offers a full range of RV services through her company Sparkle RV Services.  


Teresa was thinking about how to create more freedom for travel as she approached retirement age.  She had been planning her family’s adventures and events for over 30 years and decided the best way to travel more was to help others travel too.  She started Sparkle Adventures in 2019 and added RV Services in 2022 through her association with Girl Camper.  

RV Rental Services

If you only go on an RV trip once or twice a year or maybe once in a lifetime, renting an RV may be the best option.  
Sparkle RV Services can help you discover your travel style and help you determine the best RV for your trip and we can help you find the best RV for the best price. 
Custom US Travel Planning Services


Let us plan your perfect adventure!


Travel Planning Research


Our US adventure travel planning services include all the research to find the best places to stay, to eat, to see, to do. You tell us your ideas, your budget, your dates of travel, and we get started researching to turn your ideas into an itinerary for your perfect adventure.


We will find the best RV for your road trip, lodging for your group, the perfect bed & breakfast, or the best AirBnBs. 
We will figure out the best route for your road trip and find the places to eat and see along the way. 
We will find the hidden gems and off the beaten path places to eat, see and do.  
We figure out how to get the National Park passes and permits or how to get in the lottery for those once in a lifetime experiences.    


We keep up to date on the latest travel information and inspiration so we know all the places and people to find the best places to stay, to eat, to see, to do.   


Travel Itinerary


After we have researched all the best places to stay, to eat, to see and to do we create an itinerary that includes everything – where you will be staying each night, maps and routes, places to eat, and all the fun things you will see and do. Our travel guide will give you everything you need for every step of your adventure.  


Booking Your Adventure Travel


Once you are excited about your itinerary, we book everything for you. You show up and have fun! All for one flat fee. 
Our custom adventure travel planning services will save you time and turn your ideas into adventures! 


Group Travel Planning Services – Let Us Herd The Cats For You


We provide all of the same travel planning services included in our custom adventure travel planning services for your group.  Plus, we will create an event page to keep your group up to date and we can collect all the fees.   We can help your group decide on destinations, lodging, and activities. Our custom group adventure travel planning services will save you all the headaches of organizing a group and turn your ideas into adventures.

Event Planning Services

Are you planning an outdoor event?  Whether a family reunion, a block party, a camping wedding, or a weekend camping event we love planning parties.  With 30-plus years of planning events, we can plan the perfect outdoor event for your group.

Our Community


Sparkle Adventures is a member of the larger travel community.  Teresa Willis serves Wanderful, an international women’s travel community, as their Saint Louis Chapter Director.  She also serves Girl Camper, a national women’s camping community, as their Missouri Guide.  Our membership in these organizations supports women seeking to travel independently and solo and amplifying the voice of women in travel.  We plan events and adventures for both of these groups.  We would love for you to join us.  


We believe in sustainability and diversity, equity and inclusion and support efforts, people and organizations that are helping to save our planet and that are helping to ensure diversity, equity and inclusion in travel.
Adventure Planning Tips & Resources


Check out our website or follow us on Facebook for tips and resources and trip inspiration to help you plan your next adventure. 


If you are dreaming about an adventure, we would love to help you to get started on your journey.  


Do you have questions about our services, find the answers to your frequently asked questions or send us an email at sparkle@sparkle-adventures.com. 

RV Inspection & Repair Services

Sparkle RV Services offers a full range of RV Services to get you on the road for your next adventure.  
Dreaming about your first RV, we can help you discover the best RV for you.  Ready to buy, we can make sure you are buying an RV ready for the road instead of ready for the shop.  Need help operating and maintaining your RV, we can help you keep your RV on the road for years of adventures.


Teresa Willis, our Chief RV Inspector & Tech, is a NRVIA Certified RV Inspector and RVAA Registered RV Service Technician and former truck driver.  She has been leading her family’s adventures for 30 plus years.  She loves helping people go on adventures.  


Teresa is also the Girl Camper Missouri Guide.  As a guide, she helps women travel independently and solo, sometimes in a tent and often in an RV.  She offers RV training to women in her community.


Teresa also loves planning US adventure travel and events and she can plan your next adventure through her company – Sparkle Adventures.  She plans adventures and events for Girl Camper and Wanderful.


Sparkle RV Services include pre-purchase consulting, pre-purchase and warranty or life safety inspections, RV maintenance and basic repair, and new owner training including operation, maintenance and driving and backing.

RV Purchase Services

Not sure which RV is right for you? – Pre Purchase Consulting

We can help you discover your travel style, your must-haves, and your negotiables when it comes to which RV to purchase.  Then we can help you determine the best RV models for your travel style.  

RV Inspections

Once you have found an RV that is perfect for you, we offer premier pre-purchase inspections with over 500 points of inspection to ensure that you know exactly what you are buying.  


Our inspections arm you with the knowledge to negotiate a reduced sale price or to make repairs, to decide that this is not your RV after all, or buy your RV with the peace of mind that you will not be making costly repairs or spending your summer with your RV in the shop.